Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Here is a picture that reminds me of the woman.

This past weekend, I saw the ugliest woman that I have ever seen. I am sure she was ugly because I had taken out my contacts and the establishement that I was frequenting at the time was rather dark and smoky. I am not one to normally be fixated on looks, but this woman was ugly. An extreme. Medusa kind of ugly. To save myself, I can not get her face from my mind. It was an ancient face. One that had seen hard times. Alot of them. It remined me of the Indian that used to cry when he saw all of the trash left along side the road in the 1970s. The harshness of her leathery skin only remined me of my harsh response. My internal, superficial, judgemental ugliness far exceeded the pain forced upon my cornea. I am an uglist. It was hard for me to swallow this bitter pill, like the drink that was brought forth from the bar. I choked them down. I felt alone and ugly. Then I danced.
Welcome to Homespun.

Homespun will be my attempt to express myself to the larger world. For far too long I have hidden myself from the world. I have been afraid to share my thoughts. This is my attempt to expand my world and to shed my fear.